Sunday, January 15, 2012

Yes...I am least some photos! I have been travelling for the past two weeks.
First, went back to HQ for meeting! the fun side come, as it will be number chasing game after CNY.

How do I look after return to corporate world? Here you go...and yes I finally bored of short hairstyle (extremely short)

I got sick after I came back from KL, high fever! First time in my life I felt cold when fever or I am getting old?

I have to wear spec...been spending too much time on pc.

Jo got sick after Mr. Hubbie back from SG to attend a wedding...poor lil Jo...

After 2 days of sick leave, I got to travel to Tawau! Whooi....but I have found out what is our strength and the weakness of our competitor! J
And yes...I GOTTA RUN today!!! Finally, my long awaiting time and chances! Time to breath! Found a running kaki as well, a guy who tried to have a conversation with me after a run.

That guy: Never seen you before?

Me: Have been stop for 4 months

That Guy: long you have been running just now?

Me: 25-30 minutes
That Guy: Oh...not bad after 4 month not running

Me: I might be experience muscle paint tomorrow...even after warm up.

That Guy: Second round?
Me: Oh time J

Good Night peeps!

I AM HUNGRY!!! How am I going to sleep...maybe make myself a cuppa of hot choc...home made with my cocoa powder and vanilla essence?! Better be quick as I want to have good looking skin :)


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