Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Essential for Daily Makeup

What I need to do  and must do before I go to and what I have been using for the pass few month. Nah...These are a few essential makeup items I use on daily basis.
Liquid foundation for the sheer finish means you get those fake glow on your face :p

Compact powder, never like this "double C" logo makeup till one day my girl friend told me it is nice and sure it is the one.

Eye brow unless you have natural...not bushy and without shaping! My favorite, Empro still the best. MAC Brow Set to have a long-lasting “fake brow”. As an outdoor sales person, I need this otherwise my brow will be gone after lunch time.

Eye shadow, L’oreal Open Eyes Pro palette, you have no idea how awesome this drugstore product is! Get one. If I don’t feel colors on my eyelids, benefit eye shadow in “low profile” is my favorite, use it to highlight my brow bone. will look alive with it. In my top list currently, Lancome VirtoseCils and Chanel Immitable Extreme.

Last but not least J For the cheek, I ops for Shu Uemura blusher in no. 47 (Peach)...natural and looks friendly in this shade.

Before I end this, IT’S MY Birthday Month! Yay!



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