Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Blog post is not as frequent as last year. WHY?

Main reason, my man is not with me now and I have to run everything on my own. This does not mean that I don't wanna write anything at all.

Before my man left to Singapore for his career, I have plenty of time at night as he will spend time with our lil monster. Well thing has changed now. Now, night time (which use to be part of my blogging time) will be my lil monster time. Plus, mst of the time I will fall asleep while I put lil monster to bed. Usually, I will sleep till the next morning.

Lil monster have to be wake up in the early morning to go to school and this mean I have to wake up earlier than him to prepare his breakfast and food to bring to school. Then I need to rush to my room and wake him up and let him finish his breakfast, then bath him then bath myself. Then send him to school. I have to do all these on my own. When my man still around, he can help me to bath lil monster while I prep myself to work.

After send him to school, I will go t to work then rushing to school in the late morning to send him back home. Phew…..distances from home to school are 5 minutes away and school to work place is 5 minutes as well. After I send him home, I will go back to work. Tiring…..sometime I do hope my FIL can help me to pick lil monster from school but unfortunately he is not around most of the time.

Once finish work, I will back to home if I can still breath, mean if I need not to take a break like happy hour time. Believe me, you will need some time out for yourself if you in my situation. Well, id I do need the "time out" I will most probably get my colleague out for a drink, usually coffee or dinner….yeap no more beer!!!

Clubbing….very hard to do it now. There are friends asked me out for that but when I think of lil monster, I would prefer to stay at home. My man is not around, so I will be the one who need to accompany him.

Now, you know why I have been MIA recently!

In case you wondering, I might be MIA for another 2 weeks as I am busy with the company inventory system!!! Now, I am an IT admin….woooi seh!

No matter how, I will still blog.

I need a hair cut!!! My hair is so so so out of shape now! Not to mention about my hair color….I definitely need to get it done before my marriage bless! :D

Before that, this is me recently! Do I gain weight? Older? Or anything….tell me.



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