Monday, May 18, 2009

God! Appendicitis

I never thought that I will experience this. I felt the pain last Wednesday afternoon, then I told my hubby that I felt some pain at the typical area of appendicitis and I've asked him, could it be 'appendicitis' he said "no la…" then nothing. At first, I thought the pain will go away because it was not really painful, just a minor one… more like muscle cramp or sometimes. So I went back home an continue about the rest of the day like normal… shower little Jo then watched some TV at the night All the while, I could actually still feel the pain, but it did not become serious.

My hubby did some research about appendicitis from the internet. And told me if it is appendicitis you will not be sitting there watching TV. I will feel an extreme pain. But I do not believe him so I went Googled some information about appendicitis too, and I found out that there are 2 type of appendicitis which is "TYPICAL" appendicitis – the patient can feel the pain until he/she cannot walk or lift the right leg (like what mummy and granny told us); the other type is "ATYPICAL" appendicitis – the early stage one, the patient will feel the pain gradually for some period. My thought, I should be getting the second one, atypical appendicitis. So I've decided to go for doctor to do a checkup on the next morning if I can still feel the pain.

When I woke up the pain still there. But, just like any other morning, I freshen up and changed for work, because I was thinking of going back work after the doctor, because somehow I didn't really expect it to be appendicitis. At the clinic doc did a series of examination to rule out appendicitis: ultrasound scanning, blood test and urinalysis. Result, ultrasound shows negative signs, doc also said there was no enlarged appendicitis; urinalysis came out negative; blood test showed the white blood cell count is high means there is inflammation in my body. So the doc did another physical examination by pressing the typical area of appendix (in a different way) and Yeeoouch!!! So he said it is high possibility of appendicitis then he referred me to a surgeon and the surgeon repeated the same physical examinations again. After that, he said I need to do the surgery… <skip very interesting hospital experience… blog to you all later>… I did the surgery in the evening of the same day.

Now, I am at home and resting. The doctor said the wound need at least one to two weeks to heal. So meaning, I need to stay at home and do nothing for one to two weeks!!! Can't even carry little jo… and dunno how to explain to him. Pity the little fella L. That means, more time for me for my Manicure (DIY) hehehe, coz hubby will now be doing everything else at home.


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