Friday, May 1, 2009

New Nail Polish

Went to mall with my sister last 2 weeks ago and got myself another new nail polish from Revlon. It was a new collection, got the Chocolate Truffle (Code: 916). Tried it last week, no really like the colour, I prefer darker colour (I am a big fan of dark and vampy polish). But surprisingly the polish went on smoothly with no clumps or anything bad. It flowed onto the nail perfectly. Will check out more colour from Revlon, it is cheaper than some famous brand J

Here is the swatch of Revlon Chocolate Truffle:

The actual colour is actually lighter than the photo.
Went to mall again with Hubby and little Jo last weekend, past by The Face Shop can't help myself to stop by to check out nail polish again so end up with another two nail polishes. Will try it out soon, maybe tonight J


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