Friday, May 22, 2009

Lovely from Shades!

It was a long week, I have been spending the long week with my family. Spend more time with them but not with my laptop. Finally had some time for myself to get out from the house to get some fresh air.

I went to the mall today and get myself a bracelet when me and my sister past by a booth where they sell lovely jewellery from Shades. I think I passed by this booth a few times but never had a time to stop by to have a look. Get myself a bracelet with RM142. Each pieces of the jewellery was designed by the owner and ONLY ONE piece for each design. Yay, I am the only owner for this bracelet. We spent half an hour to look around their collection, and I was struggling to get a bracelet, ear ring or a necklace because all their designed are so lovely. My sister told me she want all of the jewellery if she able (mean her bank) to have all of them.

I already planned to wear this to work next Monday, first day back to office after a long rest.


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