Friday, February 4, 2011

Story Behind A Perfume

When I was cleaning up my dressing table this morning, I found out that every single bottle of the perfume I bought, there is a story for each of them. So i decided to write this post, just to tell you "Once upon of time,....." mean STORY but I won't start with that sentences.

ESCADA Pacific Paradise.
Look at the colorful bottle, suit the name well, pacific feel!
Fruitty scent. I bid this bottle of perfume from Pan Global auction site back to year 2005. I prayed very hard that there are no one elese interested in this perfume so I don't need to pay so much for it.

Giorgio Beverly Hills
I bought his back to my high school time. My first boyfriend sister gave me a miniature size of this perfume, I like it very much because it has this mature lady scent. Yes, I can't wait to get older during high school time, hence I bought it.

Esprit For My Peace
Floral and musky scent aka teenage feel.
I bought these when I working in the metropolitan, Kuala Lumpur. I graduated from high school and got a part time job in KL while waiting for my STPM result. Bought this as my X'mas gift for myself with my own earning.

Escada Magnetic Beat
Vanilla scent. Woo...this was my favorite back to uni time. I party really hard during the first and second year of my uni life and this is the scent I like the most for the night out.
Bought it from SASA, I am so regret that I did not get the 50ml size becuase I am so in love with it.

Lancome Miracle
Bought this becuase my best friend have one of this and I like it too so...damage done lo. This best friend of mine just gave birth to a cute baby gurl. Lil Jo, will have friend to play along when I go back to my hometown (Kuala Terengganu) next time.

Kenzo Amour
This is my wedding gift given by my brother in law. Strong musky scent, well Kenzo always playing with the simple design but why I don't get the red color one. This perfune have 3 different color. WHITE which i have in the photo and there are RED and ORANGE.
I like it ever since I cut my hair to a really short style suit me when I am wearing boyish outfit

Escada Incredible Me
Sexay scent same for the bottle design. Bought this after I changed to my second job. I like to use it during night out. Especially, when dining with my man.

Anna Sui Live Your Dream
A gift from my BIL's girlfriend. I almost bought this bottle a week before she gave me this. I had this for about a year time and I can tell I like it very left so little.

Lancome Miracle Forever
I bought this when I going out for shopping with my man for the first time. You were wrong if you think this was a gift from him becuase I pay for it. I bought something from Bobbi Brown as well when I bought this perfume.

Ralph Lauren Ralph Hot
I got this because I like the very first RALPH, the blue bottle one.

Givenchy Tartine et Chocolat Ptisenbon Ma Belle
I bought when I at the airport with my sister. We check-in and walk around the perfume session. I bought this becuase it was cute! How would I describe the scent....adorable baby girl smell. :)

We almost late for the flight and the weathere not so good because I experienced air turbulance for the firtst time. Not a strong one..thank God!

Dolce & Gabbana L'eau The One
I bought this from a warehouse sale. It was sitting in the box till mid of last year...OMG! I like the scent.
People will notice you if you wearing this perfume. The scent was too strong but it enough if you want some attention.

Britney Spears Circus
I asked my man to get anything from Briney Spears perfume becuase I like the bottle with the rhinestone. I actually hoping him to get me a pink/velvet bottle one. He finally got me this becuase he like the scent. It was so surprise becuase this was the first time I get a perfume which I never smell the scent before.
This is a sugary scnet perfume!!!

CK Euphoria
I bought this when I had lunch with a very close colleague somewhere around Old Klang Road. We ended up going to Parkson to get perfume for ourself. That colleague of mine was a guy. We alway go for cigi break. I am social smoker and not addicted to it.

Flora by Gucci
The most recent perfume I bought last year September. This definitely a suitable scent for a date. Guys will love it. One of my guy friend asked about the perfume I wearing when we having a drink in the bar. Then, my friend boyfriend asked about the perfume too.

So now, Valentine's Day is around the corner, go get a perfume for yourself, it don't have to be a gift from your partner. :)



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