Wednesday, January 20, 2010

NEW L’oreal True Match Liquid Foundation for 24hours hydration!

I hate if the foundation on my face cracking due to the foundation can’t provide sufficient moisture! Hate it, hate it, hate it so much! Moisture is the key to determine how long the foundation can stay on your face as well! But I got something sweet from L'oreal Paris recently; something can solve my cracking foundation problem!

Again cut my crap short, the sweet thing is L'oreal Paris newly formulated True Match Super-Blending Liquid Foundation with Hyaluronic Acid.
Let Mummy Joey tell you a story of Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid is a natural skin moisturizer and re-plumper moisturizer which can naturally be found in our skin so it's also act like a "sealer" which have the capacity to keep until 20 times their volume in water! Imagine when this thing in exist in your liquid foundation! I don't think it you will have a cracking foundation problem.

Again cut the crap short, right? Nah…here you go, the product.

The packaging – glass bottle, I like it!

(with SPF17/PA++)

With pump means NO MESSINESS.

The texture

OK OK, I know what you want to see! How it works.

Shade I got was slightly fairer than my skin tone. I believe I can find the best match if I try it at the counter to get the correct shade! That's why you have to go to get your perfect shade at the counter!

I found it:

  • Easy to blend.
  • No greasy feel! because I found certain liquid foundation with moisture agent/moisturizer have the greasy feel but not L'oreal True Match
  • Provide medium coverage, enough to cover up my acne mark without any help of additional concealer! Serious dark circle issues like me, please use concealer. Non of above photo been touch up using photoshop.
  • Does not crack or dried up my skin after 4 hours. Good enough for me.
It's said True Match liquid foundation so here some simple guide to get your true match by knowing your skin undertone that's cool, neutral and warm. How do you know your undertone? Simple get your silver and gold jewellery, and put it on.

IF you found:

  1. SILVER jewellery suits you better then you have ROSE/COOL/PINK undertone, or
  2. GOLD jewellery suits you better then you have GOLD/WARM/YELLOW undertone, or
  3. Both SILVER and GOLD suits you then you have NEUTRAL/NUDE undertone

After you know your undertone, choose the matching shade.True Match Liquid Foundation has 9 shades to match your skin undertone perfectly! Again, make an effort to go to find your perfect match, don't ask someone to get it for you because foundation it's your personal cosmetic. :D

True Match Super-Blendable Liquid Foundation with Hyaluronic Acid is available since January 2010. Price at RM52.90 (affordable…my youngest sis will love it!)

Products courtesy from L'oreal Paris Malaysia...thanks Connie!!!




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nice :D

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